About Us


To provide comfort and relief without compromising style.

The name Artie & Dot originated from my grandparents, Artie and Dot, children of European immigrants. They met on a balmy summer day in Coney Island, Brooklyn, after Artie returned from serving overseas in World War II. The couple soon married and raised their family in the suburbs of Long Island in the 50's. They taught me all of the important life lessons; to be true to myself, to always put my best foot forward, to make the world a better place, with that.......the brand Artie & Dot was created.

Artie & Dot "The Company"  Artie & Dot represents style, luxury, quality and comfort. We took the idea of a basic t-shirt to the next level, 100% Prime Cotton-Sweat Absorbent.

We have spent well over a year experimenting and sampling the finest fabrics in the world and came up with the solution to minimize the often-embarrassing sweat stains without sacrificing comfort. With that same concept, we are excited to announce we are in the process of manufacturing women’s t-shirts, tank-tops, dresses, men’s boxers, socks, polo shirts and more.

"We look forward to creating new, innovative, stylish luxurious quality products. Our goal is to manufacture garments without sacrificing comfort."