Meet The Team

Avi Cohen - CEO of Artie & Dot - I am a Capricorn and enjoy long walks on the beach.  I like my Coke Zero cold, not too much ice.  My favorite color is blue and I enjoy watching Game of Thrones.

Avi began his career as a litigation attorney at a national BigLaw firm in New York City, where he was often required to dress business professional. Whether it was riding the subway or walking to the office, his daily morning would begin with sweat stains. When he left BigLaw, Avi wondered why there were no sweat absorbent products for professional men and women much like there is for the athletic industry. Hence, after a year of experimenting and sampling of various fabrics and materials from all over the world, Avi and his team finally launched Artie & Dot in early 2016. Our mission is to provide comfort and relief without sacrificing style.

Netosha Benn -  I too am a Capricorn. I enjoy a good football or basketball game. I like my Redbull chilled, no ice. My favorite color is green. My favorite movie is Bad Boys (1 and 2). 

Like Avi, my mornings began with a dry run to the subway, to a sweaty ride to work. I met Avi in the latter part of 2014 while supporting a friend. We immediately realized our commonality, "sweat." Quite embarrassing huh, not so much, because we finally have the solution! Artie & Dot Dress Shirts and T-Shirts saves me time and money without compromising my style. I was so intrigued by the concept of a "100% Prime Cotton - Sweat Absorbent," I accepted the offer to become a part of the Artie & Dot team.